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Joe Ladine

Head Chef

A natural born foodie, Chef Joe Ladine has been passionate about food for as long as he can remember eating it. His love for food is accompanied by his desire to share meals along with good fellowship. Educated at the California School of Culinary Arts - Le Cordon Bleu Program, he harnessed his passion and learned to cook professionally.

A Southern California native, Chef Joe has adopted the concept of organic, local cuisine into his cooking style. He believes that quality and technique are the key ingredients to making a delicious meal. Raised in the diverse area of Los Angeles, Joe has made friends with many different cultures and studied cuisine from various nations.

Cooking professionally for more than 20 years, Chef Joe has thrived in the culinary world. From private chef to managing a large team in a fast-paced restaurant, Joe has been well-trained in all areas of the kitchen, enhancing his skills while working for world-famous Chef Tom Douglas, assisting in the opening of Cuoco, a Northern Italian restaurant focused on scratch cooking with a Pacific Northwest flair. He has since managed restaurants and kitchens for high-end catering companies focused on weddings, as well as becoming the Executive Chef for Bastyr University, where his talents could thrive by making food from scratch, working directly with farmers, ranchers and fisherman and serving delicious foods to students, staff, faculty and outside conference groups. After relocating to the DFW area in 2019, Joe transitioned to a 95% whole foods plant-based diet which included cutting out processed foods, refined oils and refined sugars. Since doing so, he has been able to discontinue the acid reflux medication that he was taking for GERD and gain relief from abdominal inflammation. He is enjoying a life full of sustained energy and feeling great without the inflammation and symptoms of the disease he struggled with for over 10 years. He continues to work with his clients on providing convenient plant-based meals, teaching them how to prepare this new way of eating as well as offering more upscale menus for fine dining and catering events. Joe’s mission is to demonstrate that healthy food can taste delicious and be affordable.

In Chef Joe’s free time you will find him laughing, playing and eating, with his beautiful wife, two lovely daughters and his dog. He is a motorcycle enthusiast and loves watching movies and of course, cooking at home!
His full bio can be found on his website: www.chefjoeladine.com





Meet our manager: Laura Spricido Welch, a native of Brazil, spent her young adult years in Italy until moving to Texas where she met her husband, Andrew.


She started her journey in advocating for and teaching healthy living in 2016 after attending a healthy lifestyle program, where she learned about the many advantages of natural remedies and a plant-based diet. This life changing experience made her fall in love with teaching healthy lifestyle practices to others. In 2020, she continued her education, completing her Health Coach training.


She is very grateful for the doors the Lord is opening which allow her to share her passion for healthy living with others. She is very excited to share her knowledge with our community through the Raven’s Table experience.